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Types of Sukup Grain Bins

Types of Sukup Grain Bins

Sukup Non-Stiffened Farm Bins

Sukup Non-Stiffened Farm Bins include many of the features standard on every bin Sukup manufactures, such as extra strong roofs and Sukup's patented anchor brackets. They are between 15 and 48 feet in diameter, and up to ten rings tall. Farm Bins up to six rings in height may be equipped with a stirring device and up to three down augers. Farm Bins of 7 rings or more are not designed for drying, and should be used for storage and aeration only.

These bins have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, are available with either 44" or 66" doors. The inside doors open completely to fit flat against the inner wall of the bin. They include the exclusive Hammerhead door latch, and come standard with a door step. The roof on these bins is rated with a peak load of 5000 lb., and 40 psf snow or 90 mph wind, according to Code ASCE7-05. The manhole covers are a large 20" by 35.5", and the opening at the peak is a large 38" round.

Sukup Stiffened Farm Bins

This is the same bin as the non-stiffened grain bin, with the addition of stiffeners added, which transfers roof loads directly to the foundation. This creates less stress on the sidewall sheets, and allows lighter gauge sidewall sheets to be used while keeping the structural strength. As a result, a stiffened bin is more economical than an non-stiffened grain bin. This feature also provides increased stability against grain, wind, and earth movement.

Sukup Commercial Bins

Manufactured to the same stringent standards as the Sukup Farm Bins, Sukup's commercial grain bins super sized and super strong to handle the demands of commercial-grade operations with a maximum capacity of up to 1.52 million bushels. Sukup's commercial bins are designed only for grain storage, not drying, and range from 18' to 156' in diameter, with a height of 13 rings or more.

As with the farm bins, Sukup's commercial grain bins offer 4" wide corrugation and 44" tall sidewalls made form 70,000 psi tensile strength steel and held together with 8.2 grade, JS500 coated bolts. They also feature a large 20" by 35.5" manhole, huge 48" peak opening, optional 44" doors, 70,000 psi tensile strength stiffeners, and a 5 year warranty. The roof peak loads vary by size and option, and some are rated as high as 50,000 lb. Contact us for details.

Sukup Medium Duty Hopper Bins

Sukup's Medium-Duty Hopper Bins are the perfect choice for smaller operations. These hoppers are ideal to use as a wet holding tank to feed grain to your Sukup grain dryer, and can be used to store cool dry grain for a long period of time. These bins are not designed for drying. Grain that is over 26% moisture should not be stored in these bins longer than 72 hours. They range from 15' to 21' diameter and 3-6 rings tall at 45 degrees, and the 60 degree hopper is 12' diameter with 3-5 ring height.

Sukup's Medium-Duty Hopper Bins have 3-4 legs (depending on hopper size) per sidewall sheet, formed to the same strict standards as the Sukup stiffeners. The Medium-Duty Hopper Bins come standard with rack and pinion openers, and are designed to minimize grain trapping with round headed bolts and no ledge between the hopper and sidewall. As with the Sukup Farm Duty Grain Bins, the roof is rated at 5000 lbs, psi as specified by ASCE7-05 Code. The roof is strengthened by 3" ribs, serving as rafters. they feature the same 4" wide corrugation on the 44" high, 70,000 psi tensile strength sidewall sheets as the Sukup Farm Duty Bins, as well as the 20" by 35.5" oval manholes, 38" peak opening, and 8.2 grade, JS500 coated bolts.

Sukup Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins

With extra strong stiffeners, wide corrugations, and heavy duty topper panels, the Sukup Heavy-Duty Hopper bins are the among the strongest in the grain storage industry. These bins can be used to story cool, dry grain for extended periods of time, used as a working bin, or mounted to overhead super structures to load semi trucks or train cars. Grain over 16% moisture should only be stored in these bins for up to 72 hours, as they are not designed for drying.

These hopper bins are 3-12 rings tall, and range in diameter from 15' to 36'. The hopper base is made of super strong 70,000 psi tensile strength steel with extra wide flange legs and L-shaped cross-bracing to add stability. The bottom of the hopper is set at 45 degrees and made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel. Grain buildup is minimized through the use of Sukup's exclusive inner apron and round headed 8.2 grade, JS500 coated bolts. They feature the same 5000 lb rated roof, 3" roof ribs, 38" peak opening, and large 20" by 35.5" manholes as the Sukup Farm Duty Grain Bins.

Sukup Million Bushel Bins

Sukup's massive 135' and 156' diameter grain bins were built to handle the needs of even the biggest farms, with capacities of 1,200,000 and 1,520,000 bushels. The Sukup 135' Commercial Bin was the first free-span grain bin of huge size ever.

The roof is extra heavy-duty, with a peak load rating of 50,000 psi per code ASCE7-05. These bins have a 16' flat platform on the surface, equipped with a handrail, allowing for a safe place to stand when performing conveyor maintenance or inspections. Triple laminated sheets and Sukup's exclusive splice plate eliminates the need for off-set in bin sheets, which prevents gaps that cause grain leakage,and also allows the 135' and 156' Commercial Bins to be put up more quickly than similar extra-large grain bins. These bins use the same 8.2 grade, JS500 coated bolts as our other grain bins.

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