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Sweet Manufacturing

Sweet Manufacturing

Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevators

The fully galvanized Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevators have a capacity of 350-55,000 bushels per hour, and feature a lagged head pulley, easy access service door, lockseam dual-flanged legging, tapered inlet hopper, as well as their trademarked Sweetheart steel elevator buckets.

Sweetheart™ Elevator Buckets

Over 50 years in the making, Sweetheart™ Elevator Buckets offer a greater capacity than similar size plastic buckets. The ends are vented to provide a faster and cleaner discharge of grain, feeds, and soft stock. These buckets feature die-formed wrap-around ends which fit into offsets on the rear of the bucket, providing reinforcement and a flatter belt surface. Sweetheart™ Elevator Buckets are designed to minimize spilling, and can be nested for easier storage, shipping, handling, and installation. A stainless steel version is also available.

Flite-Veyor® Flat Bottom Drag Conveyors

Fully enclosed, quiet, and dust tight, Flite-Veyor® Flat Bottom Drag Conveyors are designed to provide fast, gentle movement of materials for a long time with minimum maintenance. The extra heavy chain has UHMW polyethylene faced flights which allow for positive flow and reduced friction. These conveyors are available in horizontal and incline models, in capacities of 12, 17, 26, and 33 inch heights, with capacities of 1000-50,000 bushels per hour.

Flite-Veyor® Round Bottom Drag Conveyors

With a round bottom "U" design, the fully galvanized Sweet Manufacturing Flite-Veyor® Round Bottom Drag Conveyors is the ideal choice for products that must be completely cleaned from the housing after conveyance to prevent cross-contamination. This conveyor also includes a hip roof design, which prevents moisture accumulation, heavy duty chain, and UHMW polyethylene replaceable flights which promote material flow without metal to metal contact.

Formed Channel Belt Conveyors

The Sweet Manufacturing Formed Channel Belt Conveyors feature a galvanized steel frame and tubular cross braces with a unique diaphram squaring plate. This design allows them to support up to 565 pounds per linear foot with 20 foot on center spacers. These Belt Conveyors are available in belt widths of 14" to 72" and include pillow block spherical roller bearings, lagged pulley with bushed hubs, Turned, Ground, and Polished (TG&P) head shafts. The standard tail section features a self cleaning wing style tail pulley, galvanized top mount protected screw take up, and pillow block spherical roller bearings.

Goliath® II Support Towers

With today's bucket elevators getting taller and taller, it's become more and more common for them to be attached to support towers. Also, support towers are the preferred structure to attach turnheads, spouting runs, diverters, and cleaners, as the grain elevators themselves are not designed to handle this additional weight. Sweet Manufacturing Goliath® II Support Towers include double handrails of 1 1/2" tubing, a 24" by 30" rest landing every 10 vertical feet, Silver Grip® all weather decking, and can be assembled to ascend either clockwise or counterclockwise. The towers are built from hot dipped galvanized, heavy duty structural steel, with legs that include a welded plate on both ends for easy construction, and built to withstand winds of 100 mph.

Silver Span® Conveyor Support Systems

Sweet Manufacturing's Silver Span® Conveyor Support Systems are a modular, pre-engineered galvanized conveyor support system, which includes a parallel walkway. These systems come in sections of 20', 15', 10', and 5' to allow quick builds with no cutting or welding required.

Intermediate Support Tower

Like Sweet's Conveyor Support Systems, The Intermediate Support Towers are pre-fabricated, galvanized, and made to be erected quickly without on-site cutting or welding. There is also an option to order these towers made of hot dipped galvanized structural steel.

Silver Grip® Grating

Silver Grip® Grating by Sweet Manufacturing is a decking built for any weather, available in lengths of 10' an 20', and widths of 24", 30", and 36". It is rust resistant, galvanized, and formed from a single piece of steel, with a perforated, slip resistant surface, and installs easily without any on-site welding required.

Silver Stairs®

Sweet Manufacturing's Silver Stairs® offer convenient, safe access to your grain bins and tanks ranging from 18 to 90 feet in diameter. 24 inches wide, they feature 1 1/2 inch tubular handrails, and a self-draining, slip-resistant stair tread. They are fully galvanized steel, and channel formed for maximum rigidity. They also are available at either 30 or 60 degree pitches.

CalorMatic® Heat Processors

Sweet Manufacturing's CalorMatic® Heat Processors are used to dry, roast, bake, toast, or sterilize grains, soybeans, feed, egg shell, bird seed, and more. This machine heats air, which then passes through the perforated bed of a chamber containing a free flowing material, gently, evenly, and thoroughly heating it to a consistent finish.

Clam Shell Bin Gates

The Clam Shell Bin Gates by Sweet Manufacturing are welded, heavy gauge plate steel, reinforced and twice coated with hammertone industrial enamel paint. They can be equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, as well as a remote control, and can easily be attached to any hopper, bin, or chute.

Bin Safety Accessories

Contact us today about the bin safety accessories we have available, including spiral stairs, roof stairs, bin peak platforms, land platforms, spans, and adjacent walkways.

Flow-System Accessories

Sweet Manufacturing makes a full range of flow system accessories for your material handling systems, whether new or old. These include adjustable elbows, clamp bands, flange rigns, plate rings, and square spouting. Contact us for details.

Counter Flow Coolers

With a capacity of 18 tons per hour, Sweet Manufacturing's Counter Flow Coolers remove excess moisture by gradually cooling pellets. This process increases overall quality and shelf life of the product.

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We offer grain storage and handling, service, and parts in Indiana, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. 

Sukup Hutchinson Mayrath Sweet Manufacturing

We sell, install and service Sukup, Hutchinson, Mayrath, and Sweet Manufacturing products

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