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Material Handling

Material Handling

K&S Millwrights sells the highest quality bucket elevators, conveyors, support structures, heat processors, augers, and other grain handling equipment on the market. One of our top brands in grain handling is Sweet Manufacturing, based in New Springfield, Ohio. Sweet Manufacturing has been creating material handling equipment since 1955, and now has a presence in over 55 countries worldwide.

Click here to see the Sweet Manufacturing grain handling products we carry.

K&S Millwrights also carries Hutchinson/Mayrath Transport Augers, Swing-Away Augers, In-Line Augers, Transport Augers, Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Roller Mills, and more. Hutchinson has been in the grain handling business since 1958, proving that experience goes a long way.  

To see the Hutchinson Augers and Conveyors we carry, click here.

Honeyville Metal has been building grain distributors for more than 14 of their 60 plus years in the grain handling and dust collection business. Honeyville's distributors feature hot tip galvanized bodies, a hinged door for maintenance and cleaning (door platforms are available), positive locking index plate made from stainless steel, and a latch mechanism that is spring tensioned to position the spout.

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For over 60 years, Honeyville Metal, based in Topeka, Indiana has been designing and building dust collection systems and grain handling equipment for a number of industries, including farms, feed mills, seed houses, and lumber processing plants.  At K&S Millwrights, we are able to offer these world-class dust collection products to you, including fans, filters, cyclones, airlocks, and storage bins.

Click here to read more about Honeyville's Dust Collection Systems.

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We offer grain storage and handling, service, and parts in Indiana, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. 

Sukup Hutchinson Mayrath Sweet Manufacturing

We sell, install and service Sukup, Hutchinson, Mayrath, and Sweet Manufacturing products

About K&S Millwrights

K and S MillwrightsBased in Northeast Ohio, K&S Millwrights sells and services grain storage, grain drying, augers and material handling equipment throughout Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Central and Western Pennsylvania.

We work with all the top brands in the industry, including Sukup, Hutchinson, Sweet Manufacturing, Honeyville, Baldor Motors, Screw Conveyor Corp, and RMS Rollergrider.

We also offer experienced millwright services, mobile crane services, and design consulting. Our customers include farms, pet food processing plants, wineries, soybean meal plants, feed mills, breweries, and more.

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