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Sukup Grain Dryers

Sukup Grain Dryers

Single Plenum Axial Dryer

The Sukup Single Plenum Grain Dryer comes in two versions. One has an 8' plenum and is capable of drying 340 bushels per hour, the other has a 24' plenum, capable of drying up to 7000 bushels per hour. The most efficient method of grain drying while maintaining grain quality is full-heat drying, in combination with slow in-bin cooling (dryeration). Single Fan & Heater Dryers like the ones manufactured by Sukup and installed by K&S Millwrights are the most economical machines available for full heat drying, discharging hot grain at 130 degrees Farenheight or more. Afterward, the grain must be cooled in a grain bin with a full floor and fan providing 12 cfm per bushel per hour airflow.

The Sukup Single Plenum Axial Dryer includes many cutting edge features exclusive to Sukup Manufacturing.

First is the QuadraTouch touch screen control system. This easy to use system allows the least tech-savvy user to operate your Sukup Dryer and take advantage of the advanced algorithms and round the clock monitoring, and can be located as far as 200 feet away from the dryer. Sukup received an AE50 award for this system for outstanding innovation in agriculture from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Second is another AE50 Award winning innovation, the Sukup Quad Metering Roll System. This system uses two metering rolls on each dryer column, which allows the dryer to pull grain down each of the drying columns at different speeds. The hotter inner layer of grain is pulled down faster than the cooler outer layer, which creates an even moisture content of the dried grain, minimizing damage, maintaining higher test weights, and increasing the overall quality of the drain after drying.

Sukup grain dryers include true moisture sensing, rather than temperature sensing. This gives more accurate measurements during the grain drying progress for greater consistency in the end moisture content. Sukup uses low speed (1750 RPM) fans, quieter than the average axial fan, while maintaining high levels of airflow and efficiency. Sukup grain dryers also include an electronic modulating valve heater control. This allows the plenum temperature to be adjusted from the control box by controlling the gas flow. This is more fuel efficient than the standard on/off or high/low controls on competing grain dryers.

Dual Plenum Axial Dryers

Sukup's Dual Fan and Heater Grain Dryers give you the choice of using full-heat drying or using heat/cool drying methods. With a divider between the plenums, each fan and heater works independently of the other, allowing you to use it however you wish, whether it be both in Full-Heat mode or Heat/Cool mode. This system also allows you to use single phase power for a larger unit than you normally would.

Sukup's Dual Plenum Axial Dryers contain many of the features found in their Single Plenum Axial Dryers, such as the award winning QuadraTouch and Quad Metering Roll Systems, Automatic Moisture Control, Low-Speed Fans, and Electronic Mod-Value.

The Dual Fand and Heater Dryers from Sukup are available to purchase in two different fan configurations. They can be purchased as a 2/3-1/3 split, or a 50/50 split. The more popular and economical version is the 2/3-1/3 split dryer. This style has a larger top fan, for use in heating or drying grain while the bottom 1/3 is cooling. They usually discharge grain at 20-30 degrees above ambient temperature.

In the 50/50 split dryers, both fans are the same size. The 50/50 split grain dryers are normally run in full heat mode, and their design creates a larger capacity than a single fan dryer, but less capacity than a 2/3-1/3 dryer, and will discharge grain at approximately ambient temperature.

Stacked Dryers

Sukup offers double and triple stack grain dryers in configurations of 2, 3, 4, or 6 fans. These dryers include all the same features as the Sukup single and dual plenum dryers, as well as the exclusive, patented Sukup Grain Cross-Over system. The Sukup Grain Cross-Over system was designed to eliminate overdrying and to balance the moisture content of the dried grain. This system moves the grain from one side of the dryer to the other as it travels between modules. It also will switch the grain from the inside of the column to the outside. This system has several benefits. It evens out exposure of the grain to adverse weather such as rain, prevents the grain from overdrying, creates a more consistent moisture content, and reduces variation in moisture content of the grain between the two sides of the dryer, and between the inner and outer areas.

The Sukup Stacked Grain Dryers come in three variants. First are the Axial Fan Stacked Dryers, which run in both full heat and in heat/pressure cool mode. The QuadraTouch system allows for easy change between the two. Second, Sukup offers Centrifugal Stacked Dryers. These dryers function using vacuum cooling, which is quieter than axial fans, and can fun either full heat or heat/vacuum cool. Third are the Hybrid Stack Dryers. Hybrid Stack Dryers use an axial fan on top for full heat, and centrifugal at the bottom to vacuum cool. This system allows all the benefits of full heat/vacuum cool in an economical way.

Centrifugal Dryers

Sukup's Centrifugal Dryers are quieter to operate than axial dryers. The airflow comes from belt-driven dual inlet centrifugal fans, while heat is supplied by efficient Sukup Heaters. Sukup's Centrifugal dryers are available in both a single-plenum model designed for full heat drying, and a 2/3-1/3 split model that can be used as a pressure heat/vacuum cool dryer, that can be converted to full-heat as needed. As with Sukup's other dryers, the Centrifugal dryers come with Sukup's exclusive QuadraTouch software, Automatic Moisture Control, Electronic Mod-Valve, and Quad Metering Roll System.

Tower Dryers

The Tower Dryers offered by Sukup are perfect for large farms and commercial elevators. These units provide, fast, efficient drying and range in diameter from 12' to 24' and in height from 56' to 120'. Sukup Tower Dryers are capable of processing 1200 bushels per hour to 7000 bushels per hour with 5 point removal.

They feature an extra large wet holding bin, rotary sensors for choke fill or surge fill, RTD sensors, louvered air vents, and Maxon Burners. In Sukup's Tower Dryers, the grain turners move grain from the inside to the outside of the column to create consistency in moisture content and grain temperature. The outer sheeting in the grain turner section is solid, which helps to maintain a balanced heat/air distribution, and the in-line centrifugal blowers provide minimum noise and maximum airflow. Sukup's Positive Unloading System moves the grain from the dryer to the cooling area at a rate based on the temperature of the grain, and the patent-pending leveling wheels on the paddles promote consistent grain flow. These dryers also include Sukup's award winning QuadraTouch software.

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