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Dust Collection

Dust Collection


HF Series Material Handling Fans

HF Series fans are made in 15 different sizes ranging from 6" to 41" inlets, and volumes of 500 to 58,000 CFM. Honeyville's fans are made of Hot Rolled Carbon Steel, Abrasion Resistant 400F Steel, or Stainless Steel. They are dynamically and statically balanced in the factory, have 6 paddles for wheel with a self cleaning radial design. The TEFC motors that run the are made by Baldor Electric, and available in sizes ranging from 3 to 300 hp. Our units include drain plugs (except HF6 and HF8) and blow/suction pipes.

HF Series fans are available in four duties:
- Standard Duty (STD) - Used for dry, non-abrasive materials with no larger than 3/16" particle size.
- Heavy Duty (HD) - Used for semi-dry, mildly abrasive materials with no larger than 3/8" particle size. Fan paddles are 1/8" thicker than Standard Duty.
- Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) - Used for wet, abrasive materials with no larger than 3/4" particle size. Fan paddles are 1/4" thicker than Standard Duty.
- Extra Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant (XHD-AR) - Used for wet, highly-abrasive materials with no larger than 5/8" particle size. Fan paddles are made of 1/2" AR400F Abrasion Resistant Steel.

HBCF Negative System Fans

HBCF Negative System Fans have a backward curve, centrifugal blade to be used for clean air applications. Inlet sizes range from 20" to 63" and volumes from 5200 to 54,000 CFM. Horsepower ranges from 15 to 200 hp.

TEFC Motors

Honeyville uses the 1800 RPM TEFC Baldor Premium Super-E motors in their fans. These are 230/460V 3-Phase motors that range from 1/2 hp to 200 hp. Some sizes are also available in single phase power.


Honeyville offers a full line of filters to be able to handle and commercial or industrial dust collection need, ranging from 1000 to 72000 CFM.

- MPC Filters - These filters feature a continuous on-line cleaning system, welded and bolted construction of hot rolled carbon steel, explosion relief panels, a galvanized ladder and safety cage, and hinged access door for filter service.

- EFR Pulse-Jet Filters - Available in 10 sizes ranging from 1000 to 10,000 CFM, this feature offers the same continuous cleaning system and explosion relief panes as the MPC Filter. This filter is meant for light to medium dust loads, and cyclone separation for materials such as grain, flour, feed, minerals, cement products, plastics, and wood waste.

- EFM Pulse-Jet FIlters - Designed as an after filter for your existing cyclone system, the EFM filters are available in ten sizes up to 30,950 CFM.

- Shaker Filters - Honeyville Shaker Filters were designed for small shops that have the ability to periodically shut down the system and shake out the filter bags. These come in 8 sizes ranging from 1000 to 6000 CFM.

- Return Air Components - Honeyville Metals also manufactures components to aid in returning the filtered air to the shop, which helps to lower HVAC costs. These include, Summer Dampers, Air Diffusers, and Return Air Manifolds for Cyclones.


Honeyville's HAL Series Airlocks come in five sizes. The inlet is round and outlet is square. PVC sandwich flex-tip wipers come standard, and steel is an available option. The side panel bolts on for easy access allowing you to change the PVC tips while leaving the rotor installed.


Honeyville's Cyclones come in 3 models and 36 different sizes. All Honeyville Cyclones are long cone-shaped, allowing for the maximum material separation.

- Standard Series Cyclones - In 21 sizes, the Honeyville Standard Series Cyclones can be used for mills, woodworking shops, feed processing plants, seed cleaning plants, and more. They can be built with heavy duty or extra heavy duty hot rolled carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Abrasion Resistant Steel.

- High Efficiency Cyclones - Similar to the Standard Series, the High Efficiency Cyclone has a higher cone height. Also available in Abrasion Resistant, Stainless Steel, and G90 Galvanized Steel, the HE Cyclone is available in 5 different sizes.

- High Efficiency, High Volume Cyclones - These Cyclones feature a tall body and steep cone to ensure a fast drop of material to the cone outlet. Also available in Stainless, AR, and G90 Galvanized Steel, and in ten sizes.

Self Contained Dust Collectors

Honeyville's Dustop Series Self Contained Dust Collector is equipped with a shaker filter. Ideal for small or medium size woodworking shops, it's available in capacities of 1000 to 5100 CFM.

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